Energy efficiency award ceremony 2021

This year’s Energy Efficiency Award ceremony was held on Tuesday, November 8th, 2021.

The Energy Efficiency Award (EEA) has been awarded annually by the German Energy Agency (dena) since 2007. The award goes to projects that have a special effect on the energy transition and thus reduce the global CO2 footprint.

Of the 130 projects submitted, 18 made it into the shortlist. Everybody who made it to the shortlist has been allowed to adorn himself with the EEA 2021 “nominated” seal since September when the list was published.

The prize was awarded in 4 categories, two of which were awarded to an SME and a large company. In addition to the EEA 2021 “Winner” seal, the 6 winners will each receive EUR 5,000 in prize money.

These are the winners:

In the “Think Big” SME category:
Brewery Aying Franz Inselkammer KG / IGS GbR Engineering office for energy and environmental technology
for a new bottle washer with a high-temperature heat pump in connection with a block-type thermal power station

In the “Think Big” category for large companies
Engeriedienst AG / Evonik Operations GmbH
for a regional, climate-neutral heat supply and power generation using industrial waste heat

In the “From Clever to Digital” -SME category
Albert Rechtenbacher GmbH / SIMAKA Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
for an intelligent heat pump system

In the “From Clever to Digital” category – large companies
Essity Operations Neuss GmbH
for optimizing the motor speed of pulpers at different resolution levels

In the category “Achieving more together! Energy services as enablers of the energy transition
E1 Energy Management GmbH
for energy-saving contracting in the municipality of Meissenheim

In the “Audience Award” category
Mondas GmbH / badenova WÄRMEPLUS GmbH & Co. KG
for Smart Green Goal – With intelligent load management for climate neutrality

The award is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and was under the patronage of Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmayer