Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey

Goodyear has released the results of its Sustainable Reality Survey that was conducted for the first time in 2021. The main question was: What do transport companies currently do to reduce their CO2 footprint.

985 fleet operators from all over Europe took part, including 98 from Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

75% of fleet operators in Europe consider sustainability to be an important issue. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, more than 80% of the companies surveyed give the low carbon footprint a high priority. 60% of those surveyed stated that it is even part of the company values.

“Responses to the 2021 Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey are very encouraging. They underline that environmental sustainability is high on the agenda of the transport industry. While reducing emissions in the production of new vehicles is attracting increased attention, fleet managers are also taking appropriate measures. They are responding positively to the challenges posed by climate change to meet their carbon reduction targets and support the transition to a carbon neutral future”, says Maciej Szymanski, Director Marketing Europe of Goodyear’s Commercial Business Unit.

One of the most common measures is the renewal of the vehicle fleet. Alternative drives, e.g. electric utility vehicles, are increasingly being used. But not only the reduction of the direct emissions of the vehicles helps for a low CO2 footprint, but also a return to a time before the throwaway-society: tires are increasingly being retreaded again. This requires fewer raw materials than the production of a new tire.

However, 60% of the companies also stated that (further) measures to reduce the CO2 footprint are currently still failing due to the high costs. 45% also stated that the complexity of integrating such measures into day-to-day business was an obstacle.